Vineyard Report – Pollak Vineyards

An update from Jake Busching GM/Vineyard Manager & Wine Maker at Pollak Vineyards

“Winters heavy with snow and a long periods of cold (cold being temps above 5F that is…) are good for our vineyards. The snow becomes ground water and the cold helps to moderate insect populations and viruses that feed on the vines. Spring rain continues to allow the plants to feed on the nutrients in the soil and begin the ripening process. Ask any winegrower and they will tell you, ripening starts at bud break. The faster the fruit develops the more complex the flavors and tannins are going to be in the wine.

Frost has taken its toll on some area vineyards but ours escaped by a marginal degree. 3 events at or slightly below freezing in the past 4 weeks have threatened to hamper our efforts at growing grapes this year. The south facing aspect of the vineyard coupled with the ever present breeze through the Rockfish Gap saved our skins… grape skins to be precise. In summary… so far so good.”


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One thought on “Vineyard Report – Pollak Vineyards

  1. Jaylene

    Thanks for the wine report…

    expensive wine

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