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Scratch that Cerebral Itch with Some Label Fun

You probably have given someone a bottle of wine as a gift for one occasion or another, and most likely you stuck the wine in a little bag before you gave it away.  A greeting card company called Cerebral Itch has come up with a way to put their cards onto a bottle of wine, and ditch the bag for a unique gifting idea. 


When the owner of Cerebral Itch sent me an email a couple of weeks ago, I had never heard of their small company.  The company is a biproduct of husband and wife team Paul and Kathleen Chamberlain, in which they synthesize their unique, zaney sense of humor onto greeting cards, t-shirts, and now removable wine labels. Paul sent me a few of the labels to check out and they are freaking hilarious and are easily applied and removed. I like the fact that you can remove them so if you are giving somebody a great bottle of wine as a gift, they can take off the funny card label and maintain the integrity of the bottle.


At $3.95 I think it is a pretty good deal considering you get the wrapping paper for the wine, as well as the card, a 2 for 1 deal.


Below are some of the labels –





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