Vineyard update from Virginia’s own, Glen Manor Vineyards

I emailed Jeff White of Glen Manor Vineyards the other day and asked how his year was shaping up with the wetter than normal spring, and below is his response.


Yes it was a cool wet spring. It now appears that summer is here, sunny, dry and a little cooler than normal. The vineyard came through fine, no disease. We are letting the grasses grow long and we’re putting off hedging as late as possible, trying to retard lateral shoot growth and of course lots and lots of leaf removal around the clusters. Looks like a lite crop, some set issues as there was rain during flowering. Means we will not have to drop fruit on some vines but most others still will require some green harvesting. We start green harvesting in a couple of weeks. Way too early to predict quality….think sun. Bright side of all the wet weather, our 2008 and 2009 plantings are flourishing on their un-irrigated slopes.”

Make sure to check out Glen Manor, fabulous wines and beautiful views!


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