Sake it 2 Me

I’ve only had Sake 3 times in my life and all 3 were the hot version that you are typically served in a Chinese restaurant, and I have to say I wasn’t a huge fan. When the folks from Sake2Me asked to send me some samples of their cold sparkling Sake, I thought it was time to revisit the beverage in a different form.  Sake2Me blends premium Junmai sake with traditional Asian flavor components to make a fun, cold sparkling beverage. Served in single serving 6.3oz bottles (7%ABV), they are meant to be served iced cold in a Champagne flute or even on the rocks. (I went with the Champagne flute)



My first impression after tasting these was that they were fancy wine coolers. I hope that is a compliment, as it seems like the market that they are going after. If I was going to have a wine cooler and I had a choice between B&J and Sake2Me, the latter would win hands down. The product line consists of 4 flavors, Ginger Mango, Yuzu Citrus, Green Tea and Asian pear.  My favorites were the Green Tea and Asian pear as the other two had flavor profiles that seemed a bit “fake” to me. My wife on the other hand enjoyed the Ginger Mango and Green Tea, so I guess it depends on your palate. 


sake2me_2By looking at the pictures on their website, this product is definitely aimed at the young FEMALE party-goer, and I think for that type of demographic the Sake2me product line will do quite well. If you are hard core Sake fan, I don’t think this is your ticket, the same as most wine lovers wouldn’t reach for the White Zin. I will say that I enjoyed my 2 faves much better than the Sake that I have had in the past.


Unfortunately Sake2me isn’t available in Virginia yet, but it is available in about 25 states. Average price is around $12 for a 4 pack.



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