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Just Sayin’ – thoughts on samples

As I sit here staring at my box of 10 Chilean Sauvignon Blancs that I received for the next Wines of Chile Blogger tasting it got me thinking about a conversation last week at DLW10. I was having lunch with the VA wine mafia and honorary member Lenn, and we were talking about receiving samples. I think Lenn asked about Virginia wine samples and to his surprise I think we all said that we’ve never gotten a wine sample from Virginia. That’s not to say I haven’t gotten a comp bottle here and there, but not to the extent that I receive samples and press kits for wines from other states and countries.

When I sit back and think about it, I do feel it’s weird that wineries in the state that I live in and write about the most don’t reach out to myself or the multitude of bloggers here in the Commonwealth. Not sure why this is the case. Is it lack of production levels so they can’t afford a sample program? Lack of knowledge about social media, and the impact of blogging? I’m not sure about the answer and I guess I’m looking for a response from wineries here.

Please don’t take this post as a request for wines! I get plenty through my day job and am not requesting an onslaught of VA wines at my door. It is more of an observation.

Let me know your thoughts.


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