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Colorado Wine Trail – Yes, Really!

Although I did not get a chance to sample any Colorado wines, I was shocked to find out that I could have visited a winery not more than 5 miles from our condo in Keystone.  On the way out of town today I picked up a fold out brochure for Colorado Wine and in addition to finding out there is a winery right in Dillon (just down the road from Keystone) there are also more than 60 wineries now in the state.  All the wineries here in Colorado are family owned and produce everything from Merlot to Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon.

According to the brochure, it is Colorado’s abundant sunshine, warm days, cool nights and low humidity that lead to the states award winning wines.  Two AVAs have been designated in Colorado, the Grand Valley and the West Elks.  The majority of grapes come from vineyards in these areas, in addition to vineyards in Delta, Montrose, Fremont, Larimer and Montezuma counties.  Like most states that have a “wine country”, Colorado has developed wine trails that are designated by blue Colorado Vineyards highway signs.

So go checkout the Colorado Wines website so that, unlike me, the next time you visit this beautiful mountainous state you can partake in some wine tasting and touring.

If anyone has tried Colorado Wines before let me know which ones and what you thought. I am going to try and seek some out back in Richmond but I have a feeling distribution to the East coast may be slim.


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