About Me

Lets see, I am not very good at writing about myself so here is a brief description. I am a vegetarian, outdoor/exercise fanatic and wine enthusiast (geek). I am married to a beautiful wife (check the slideshow) who is a great companion in life, on the hiking trail as well as the wine trail.

I reside in the outskirts of Richmond, VA on our own little 4 acre hamlet.

A little slideshow about ME 


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. mom

    I cannot believe that you did not say anything in your profile about your great family!!!
    You DO need to do a bit of editing……
    Your biggest fan!

  2. Hi. I happened to see a link to this website while doing a search on Ask.com. If you are curious, please check out this year’s Virginia Wine Expo (Feb. 27-March 1), which has expanded to 3 days and includes more events and wineries (at least 53).

    Alex Papajohn
    Virginia Wine Expo

  3. Nice site. Well put together, keep up the good work.

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