Virginia Wine on GrapeRadio

I recently stumbled upon a new GrapeRadio podcast focused on Virginia Wine.  In the podcast are two wine makers that I reference often, Jim Law and Michael Shaps both of which have long history of making wine in the state.  Additionally viticulturist Tony Wolf who has done a lot for vineyards and wine makers in Virginia, joins the podcast. Give a listen for their thoughts on where Virginia wine is and where it’s going. The Wines of Virginia on GrapeRadio


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Wine In The Jet Stream


Wine Podcasting hits the mainstream or the jet stream I should say this February on American Airlines. I saw this news post from one of my feeds today and couldn’t believe it. Not that a wine podcast was put into the media selection of in flight entertainment but the fact that a PODCAST was put in the entertainment selection of American Airlines flights. I might just not know, but the last time I flew in business class (work paid for it, don’t worry I won’t pay that price on my own) there were no podcast’s available on my entertainment screen much less a WINE podcast. How cool is that, I mean how awesome is it how far wine Podcasting/blogging has come. Maybe I am exaggerating and not everyone thinks in flight entertainment is the mainstream, but I sure do.

I just realized that I had typed a whole paragraph and not mentioned the blog that has reached this strata of the blogosphere, GRAPE RADIO.

Cheers to GRAPE RADIO for this step in bringing wine information to the masses. Maybe next we will see Wine Library TV on Jetblue flights.

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