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I’ve only had Sake 3 times in my life and all 3 were the hot version that you are typically served in a Chinese restaurant, and I have to say I wasn’t a huge fan. When the folks from Sake2Me asked to send me some samples of their cold sparkling Sake, I thought it was time to revisit the beverage in a different form.  Sake2Me blends premium Junmai sake with traditional Asian flavor components to make a fun, cold sparkling beverage. Served in single serving 6.3oz bottles (7%ABV), they are meant to be served iced cold in a Champagne flute or even on the rocks. (I went with the Champagne flute)



My first impression after tasting these was that they were fancy wine coolers. I hope that is a compliment, as it seems like the market that they are going after. If I was going to have a wine cooler and I had a choice between B&J and Sake2Me, the latter would win hands down. The product line consists of 4 flavors, Ginger Mango, Yuzu Citrus, Green Tea and Asian pear.  My favorites were the Green Tea and Asian pear as the other two had flavor profiles that seemed a bit “fake” to me. My wife on the other hand enjoyed the Ginger Mango and Green Tea, so I guess it depends on your palate. 


sake2me_2By looking at the pictures on their website, this product is definitely aimed at the young FEMALE party-goer, and I think for that type of demographic the Sake2me product line will do quite well. If you are hard core Sake fan, I don’t think this is your ticket, the same as most wine lovers wouldn’t reach for the White Zin. I will say that I enjoyed my 2 faves much better than the Sake that I have had in the past.


Unfortunately Sake2me isn’t available in Virginia yet, but it is available in about 25 states. Average price is around $12 for a 4 pack.



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2 thoughts on “Sake it 2 Me

  1. Sakeguy

    It is important to note that while Saké2Me’s package notes it is a Junmai saké it is in fact not legally a Junmai. Junmai saké can not have anything added to it, nothing at all. So the addition of flavor removes the ability to call their product Junmai. The package is misleading and disappointingly maintaining misperceptions about saké in America. Sure hope any effort you make into saké will be to help remove the myths and improve education. Check out,, and other well informed and correctly written saké information sites.

  2. We’ve sell the pear one in the cellar and do pretty well with it so far. I’m not about to taste it though! Thanks for the savvy review, let me know if you want to swap links!

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