Virginia Wine Industry in the News

After self distribution rights were taken away from Virginia wineries almost 2 years ago, a huge gap was left for someone to fill.  Enter the Virginia Wineries Distribution Company (VWDC), a new inexpensive outlet for Virginia Wineries to distribute their wine. For a nominal fee of $5 per transaction (size doesn’t matter) wineries in the Commonwealth can once again get their product back on the shelves of wine shops and restaurants here in Virginia (up to 3000 cases).  This $5 fee is much much less than the cost a winery would incur going through the typical wholesaler route of the 3 tier system. With a board of directors consisting of two winery owners, two wine wholesalers and the commissioner for the Virginia Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services, they hope that this will continue to provide stimulation to the growing VA wine industry that went from 6 wineries in 1980 to 147 today.


Comment from David King, Chairman of the VWDC and owner of King Family Vineyards in Crozet, Virginia:

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“We are excited to launch this new company to support the Virginia wine industry,” says King. “This new wine wholesaler provides a distribution option for many Virginia wineries, especially smaller wineries that may not have other wholesale representation. It’s exciting for all sectors of the industry, wineries, wholesalers and retailers, to finally have this wine wholesaler in place. On behalf of the wine industry, I thank the Virginia General Assembly for creating an alternative to the Virginia wineries’ loss of self-distribution.”  


I am glad to see this development and I know that a lot of winery owners are excited as well, which can be seen from the already 70 that have signed up to use the service.



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One thought on “Virginia Wine Industry in the News

  1. All the way from Texas I attended last year’s Virginia Wine Festival, up near Leesburg.

    I was pleasantly surprised by the number of wineries and the quality of the wine.

    Lots of bottles were labeled Claret… must be the English heritage.

    Texas wine is OK, too, but they’ve gotta stop trying to make Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon blends and use more GSM.

    Love your site.

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