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This Fridays wines at the Wine Cellar and Live Passionately

This Friday Jeff and the Wine Cellar gang are offering up a mixed bag of new wines for their weekly tasting.  Italy, California, Oregon, Portugal and Argentina will be represented in the mix of two white and three red wines.  It should be interesting, fun and FREE as usual. This Friday from 5:00 to 8:00


There is a cool and fun new application on the Virginia.org website aimed at identifying what your passions are.  Live Passionately lets you select 4 out of 12 icons (seen above) that represent everything from “natural beauty” (meaning you want to be outdoors) to “getting better with time” (meaning that you like to savor life) you will be told what your passion is and how Virginia can accommodate.  It is pretty neat, but it didn’t work out to well for me, I think because I have too many things I am passionate about.  Either way, it is a fun way to kill 5 minutes and find out more about what Virginia has to offer.



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