The Coolest Winery Website!

winemaker randall graham

Winemaker Randall Graham – Photograph by Alex Krauss

Last week when I was researching the wines that were on the tasting sheet for Friday night at the Wine Cellar I came across the Bonny Doon website. I thought I would throw up a post about it today because it is definitely the coolest winery website I have seen yet. The website with its swirling twirling graphics comes complete with audio pronunciations of some of the wines. (Just click on the phonetics under the wine name)

Give it a look, and let me know what you think.

Question of the day: What is the coolest winery or wine related website you have seen?

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2 thoughts on “The Coolest Winery Website!

  1. I haven’t been there recently but I used to get a little annoyed with all the effects when I was in a hurry. Cool to look at once or twice, but it seems like you had to wait for each list of categories to spin through and do swirls before you could click on the tasting notes.

  2. vcuspoon

    Hey Farley
    I could see that being an issue, especially if you were quickly trying grab some info. But when you are lazily clicking around, the swirling and twirling can be quite fun. 🙂 ALthough I could see it getting old, if I had to repeatedly go the site for information.
    Thanks for commenting.

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