Virginia Wineries on Twitter

I comprised a list of Virginia Wineries that are on Twitter, some of which I already followed and others were new ones that I found. After searching on Twitter itself, I went through every wineries website, looking for their Twitter Tag. Surprisingly of the 142 wineries in the state only 17 are on Twitter. There may be more that I missed so if you aren’t on this list and want to be, shoot me an email.

You can link to any of the wineries twitter account by clicking below or you can follow the whole list here.

Winery Name – Twitter Tag

Rappahanock Cellars – @rcellars

Corcoran – @corkysfarm

Philip Carter Winery – @Pcwinery

Keswick Vinyeards – @keswickvineyard

Glen Manor Vineyards – @GlenManor

Veramar Vineyard – @veramarvineyard

James River Winery – @JamesRiverWine

Paradise Springs Winery – @ParadiseSprings

Aspen Dale Winery – @AspendaleWinery

Barboursville Winery – @barboursville

Byrd Cellars – @ByrdCellars

Casanel Vineyards – @Casanel

Cooper Vineyards – @coopervineyards

Fabbioli Wines – @FabbioliWines

Hillsborough Wines – @HillsboroWine

Notaviva Vineyards – @notaviva

Quattro Goomba Winery – @QuattroGoomba


More added:

Jefferson Vineyards @th_jefferson

Afton Mountain Vineyards @AftonMountain


…And More

Gadino Cellars @Gadino_Cellars

Sweely Estate Winery @SweelyWinery

Molon Lave @MLVineyards

Delfosse Winery @delfossewinery

Veritas Winery @VeritasWinery

Barrel Oak Winery @BarrelOak

Winery at La Grange @winerylagrange

Kluge Estate @KlugeEstate

Breaux Vineyards @breauxvineyards

Lost Creek Winey @lostcreekwine

As more wineries get on Twitter, I will update the list.

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12 thoughts on “Virginia Wineries on Twitter

  1. Afton Mountain Vineyards is on Twitter @AftonMountain.

  2. vcuspoon

    Thanks Sarah – it has been added

  3. Great list! I’m surprised that more wineries from VA aren’t on Twitter… hopefully posts like this will help motivate more to join in the fun!


  4. Nice list! Breaux was one of the first VA wineries on Twitter…..
    @BreauxVineyards – It’s great fun (just wish I had more time to engage!)

    I subscribe to your blog already – glad to see you’re on Twitter too.


    Jennifer Breaux

  5. vcuspoon

    Hey Jen
    Yeah i actually thought i was already following you. You’re on here now. Thx!


  6. You should make that a Twitter List on twitter.

    Oh wait, looks like you already did


  7. John – excellent resource! Thanks for putting this together.

  8. Thanks for creating this ever expanding compilation. There are a number we’ve yet to get to, so we’ve now got an excuse to explore more VA wine country.

  9. Great to see! Thank you very much for your support of Virginia wineries. My best, Philip
    Philip Carter Winery

  10. Ron B

    I had been tracking these too!

    Lots up in Loudoun; many are basically placeholders.


    not wineries, but:


  11. Ron B

    ooh, Horton too:


  12. vcuspoon

    Thanks Ron – I’ll add these to my master list/tab above!


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