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It’s OK Mommies to be, drink up, well only a little!

With Megan and I being surrounded by friends that are having babies, we have been talking more and more about the subject. Along with the usual baby talk comes the talk around the fact that she would have to stop enjoying wine for the 9 months of pregnancy. Megan has insisted that it be only fair that I stop drinking wine as well for those 9 months!  Not being too keen on that idea because so much of my life revolves around the wonderful world of wine, I am somewhat excited I came across this new study, well sort of.


A study in the October issue of the Journal of Epidemiology published a study saying that it may be okay for pregnant women to drink one to two glasses of wine per week. The study showed that women who drank “not more than 1–2 drinks per week or per occasion during pregnancy were not at increased risk of clinically relevant behavioral problems or cognitive deficits compared with children whose mothers did not drink.”  In addition, the study showed that children, especially boys, born to women who were light drinkers performed better cognitively compared to children born to women who did not drink at all.




Although this study is fairly compelling due to the large sample size, I am still inclined to believe the years of research that condemn alcohol consumption during pregnancy. I am not sure Megan nor I would be comfortable with her drinking while pregnant regardless of the studies that are out there. With the risk of birth defects and fetal alcohol syndrome, it is a scary thing to mess around with.  Hopefully Megan will lighten up when the time comes and let me enjoy wine while she is pregnant, at least so she can live vicariously through me. J



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