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Home Repair Service – or lack there of!

Okay so this has nothing to do about wine but I needed a venue for a public rant so bear with me.  After the horrendous winter we have had here in Richmond we need some minor repair done to our roof, siding and a couple of window frames.  Seems pretty basic right?

Our first call was to someone that Megan’s parents have used and who they were pleased with. Things went well at first, they came out the day after our call to inspect, were very nice and professional, took plenty of pictures, explained what they needed to do and so on. This was a Wednesday, and he said he would try and get an estimate to us the next day but if he didn’t it would be the following Monday because he was headed out of town on Friday… well that was 4 weeks ago. In between then we called twice, finally getting a call back from their secretary to say that the person that was doing our repair needed to come back and look at something else, but it would be sometime next week because he is now on his honeymoon. WTF!!!!! This was last Monday.

So not having another referred option we just searched on Google for a company, found one and called to setup and appt. for Tuesday at 10am. I had a meeting in the morning but got home by 9:45, and there I sat until 10:45 before I called the company to ask why no one had shown up. “Oh, we double booked and needed to reschedule”, UM HELLO, HOW ABOUT A PHONE CALL! The gentleman who was supposed to come out, called after that to say he would be in the area, and apologized about the inconvenience, and would give me a call when he was near the house in the afternoon.  That was the last we heard from them. No call that day or any other day to setup an another appointment or apologize for stiffing us.  Again WTF!!

In between this time we have called three other people, left our information and had no return phone calls for the actual inspection visits.

Thursday last week we called another company, blindly, and the gentleman came out that day, was super nice, did an inspection and said we’d hear from him Monday. He was the most prompt and courteous of the bunch so I hope he works out.

Megan and I are completely baffled at how utterly hard it has been to get our house repair work looked at, much less done. You would think in these hard economic times companies would be jumping at the opportunity for work. Apparently the economic downturn hasn’t hurt the home repair business, because from our experience the last 3-4 weeks, nobody wants to do any work!

If anybody in Richmond knows a good company for home repair, we would be happy to know and contact them. Unfortunately the last guy that came out only does roof repair.

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