Why you should buy wine from independent wine retailers.

Of course I am bias, and there are many reasons you should buy from independent wine merchants (service, selection, they know you by name, etc.) but this one is more to the quality of wine you are getting. In the picture below you can see how a certain grocery store care for their wine.
There it is, the Virginia Governors Cup winning wine leaning up against the rotisserie chicken station. Constant contact with a 125+ degree unit equals not good for wine! (the sign is correct, this IS A HOT PICK) Being next to that much heat for extended periods of time, will ruin the wine, by among other things, drying out the cork and letting air in, as well as literally cooking the wine.
Most independent wine shops are temperature controlled, as well as have the bottles lying on their sides and to my knowledge will never rest the wine against a chicken hot box. “They” care about the product they are selling you and want you to have the best experience possible when you enjoy your vino with family and friends.
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One thought on “Why you should buy wine from independent wine retailers.

  1. HA! Hot pick… literally… 🙂

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