2009 Virginia Harvest Update

I have received a couple of updates from Virginia wine makers on how the 2009 Harvest is going so I wanted to share them with you. I hope to be getting some more reports in, as I do, I will share them with you.

Jeff White – Glen Manor Vineyards

September 4th

… Don’t really have any geeky numbers but the weather continues to be ideal. Sunny, warm and dry air days with cool crisp nights that are forecasted to remain through the middle of next week. Tropical systems so far have stayed away including the latest track of Erika. Generally, acids are high, brix are on track and most importantly flavors are developing wonderfully. We have not started picking yet but expect to start bringing in some Sauvignon Blanc within the next couple of weeks. Reds are still more than a month away.”

Jim Law – Linden Vineyards

September 4th

…Just finished pressing Seyval. Some of the nicest Seyval I can remember. Great balance. Numbers are right on too. Will make very pretty wines. This weather has been perfect….makes up for the wet spring/early summer. Still need two weeks of this weather for the rest of the whites. Jury is out on the reds. Too early to tell.”

Check back soon for more updates on the Virginia 2009 Harvest.


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One thought on “2009 Virginia Harvest Update

  1. Thanks for the update John. I haven’t had the opportunity to taste any wines from Glen Manor. Any recommendations?

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