Wow – A million smackers for a wine book!


This article came across one of my wine news feeds yesterday, and when I saw the title I thought it was a joke or some contest. It is in fact the truth, $1.12 million dollars will get you a 66 pound book and oh yeah 600 bottles of wine. The wine book from from British publisher Kraken Opus will feature what they deem the 100 best wineries in the world, and with the purchase of the book you will get 6 bottles of wine from each of those wineries. That is about an average bottle price of $1866 dollars. I can imagine that some Bordeaux 1st growths and some Grand Cru Burgundy wines will be in the mix, as well as some “cult” wineries from California. Still not sure it is worth the price tag, but it will be interesting to see the list of wineries. Only 100 copies will be released and 25 are already pre-ordered, so act fast if you got a million bucks burning a hole in your pocket.


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