Off to Taste Camp East 2009

tastecamplogoTonight after work Megan and I are heading out for Taste Camp East 2009 in Long Island New York. We’ll be driving half way late this evening so we don’t have to deal with the DC/Maryland traffic at 6:00 am tomorrow.

The concept of Taste Camp from Lenn Thompson:

The concept for TasteCamp is a simple one: getting enthusiastic bloggers together in a region that is new to them to taste as much wine as possible and speak to as many winemakers as possible over the course of a weekend. Most smaller, lesser-known wine regions in the world would love to get their wines in front of bloggers, but with TasteCamp, the bloggers will go to them.

So, in partnership with the Wine Bloggers Conference folks, TasteCamp was created by yours truly and a small band of fellow bloggers, including Melissa, Erika, John and Becky.

With me at the helm, it should come as no surprise that we’re doing the first one right here on Long Island, with plans to hold the event in the Finger Lakes and Virginia over the next couple of years.

I am uber excited to see my wine blogger friends that I connected with and met for the first time at the Wine Bloggers Conference last year in Santa Rosa, CA. Additionally I am really excited to taste and explore the wines from a region that doesn’t get much if any exposure in the Richmond wine market. The conference starts Friday night at Raphael Winery and will continue through midday on Sunday the 3rd. In between we will be visiting a slew of Long Island wineries as well as some tasting with the Long Island Wine Council and the Long Island Merlot Alliance.

I’ll be trying to blog and tweet as much as possible from the event so check back often for updates from Taste Camp East 2009.


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6 thoughts on “Off to Taste Camp East 2009

  1. Oh, you’re driving too! See you guys tomorrow night!

  2. Hey, I’m driving too.

    Of course I’m only driving 20-30 minutes 😉

    Can’t wait to see you guys again…with some BALANCED wines this time 😉

  3. …if by balanced you mean tart and foxy then I’m looking forward to some balanced wines too! 😉

  4. Oh B…you’re my girl and all, but you sound like a fool 😉

    You won’t find any natives/hybrids here leading to foxy wines. We’ll taste some of those next year in the Finger Lakes though, probably.

    You’ll see. I wouldn’t have you guys here if I didn’t think you’d dig it.

  5. What? No Cayuga? Okay…well in that case, I look forward to my LI wine education. 🙂

  6. Hi John,
    It was great meeting you and Megan. I’m glad we had some sippin’ and spittin’ time together. I’ve been watching your posts on the weekend. Excellent coverage. Give my best to Megan.

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