Don’t be afraid to use your decanter!

I think the process of decanting wines is vastly under utilized by wine drinkers, including me, as even the most basic wine can benefit from a splash in another vessel. The 2006 Ojai Sryah ($29) on the other hand is a wine that NEEDED to be decanted. I was really looking forward to this wine and had big expectations, and was slightly let down by my first sip after about 20 minutes in the decanter. The first glass was good but wasn’t great, the fruit was still a little tight and underwhelming, not balancing with the structure of the wine. That all changed after an hour in the decanter. I mean, the 2006 Ojai Syrah literally exploded with rich dark fruit and black olive goodness.

The Ojai Vineyard website doesn’t offer much information on the vinification of this wine but mentions that they do blend in some Grenache and Mourvedre.

ojaisyrahMy Tasting Notes –

Nose: black currant, roasted meat, fresh strawberry

Taste: black currant, boysenberry, kalamatta olive, bacon and violet

Mouthfeel: full body with loads of black pepper spiciness, tannins were big and powerful but not overwhelming

Finish: long….

A good wine that becomes great after some air exposure and delivers a power packed punch of layered flavors and aromas. The meat notes accompanied by the kalamatta olive notes were unmistakable and were encapsulated by delicious dark berry flavors that went on for some time.


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3 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid to use your decanter!

  1. Charles

    Yuck. Drink Rhone. Drink the real deal.

  2. vcuspoon

    Hi Charles
    Thanks for the comment – I love Rhone wines and how producers there use the Grape, I am really big Cote-Rotie fan. Here are some of the times I have written about Rhone wines

    That being said, I wouldn’t say it is the “real deal” it’s just different.


  3. All of the Ojai Syrah’s I’ve had needed major time. I finished up my 02’s last year (White Hawk and Bien Nacido’s) and they were still infants and needed major air time.

    The ones I’ve had were more Cornas like ( but a little less rustic) vs Cote Rotie, (but still 100% CA)

    Was it pretty hot?

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