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Is Dom Perignon Rose the next Cristal?


What started this thought of Dom P Rose taking over for Cristal in the rap world was when a gentlemen came in the shop the other day to ask for a bottle of ’96 Dom Rose. He was actually quite young so if we had it I would have had to card him, but at the time I thought it was strange request. After a little discussion with one of my wine friends and some lyric Googling on the internet, it turns out the bubbly has been mentioned for quite some time, but not yet to the level of the infamous Cristal. As far back as 2006 when Jay-Z declared that he will no longer be drinking Cristal, in which the same press statement said he will now be filling his flute with Dom P Rose it has been mentioned here and there. In the past few years a splattering of rap/hip-hop songs have donned Dom P Rose in their lyrics.

Notorious BIG Would you die for me – “Splurging, Dom P Rose much foreplay that’s my forte”

K’MaroParoles Take You Away – “what if I take you to Paris au champs elysees maybach hit the city by night, with a dom rose
down in st. tropez “

Jermaine Dupri – “She in the corner sippin’ Dom P Rose

Not the usual topic I write about, but thought it would be an interesting idea to float and see if Dom P Rose will explode in the main stream like Cristal did.


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