Visiting a new region with the Lorgeril L’Enclos des Bories Minervois Rouge

This is my first wine from the Minervois region I’m sorry to say as they offer great early drinking values from the Southern part of France.


A little background…


Located in the Western part of Languedoc, Minervois was granted AOC status in 1985. The appellation gets its name for the city of Minerve with viticulture activities dating back to the Roman Empire.  Wines coming from Minervois must be comprised of at least 20% of Mourvedre or Syrah, with other grapes adding to the blends such as Grenache, Carignane and Cinsault.  The Minervois which has the shape of a large amphitheater, lies 30km from the ocean giving it a nice Mediterranean climate of hot dry summer and cool winters.


minervoisWine stats for the 2007 Lorgeril L’Enclos des Bories Minervois Rouge

Grapes – 80% Syrah, 20% Grenache

Ageing – Temperature controlled concrete vats

Soil – Schist and Limestone


My Tasting Notes

Color – Deep garnet

Nose – chalky, blueberry and blackberry

Taste – blueberry, red currant, vanilla and black pepper

Mouthfeel – light to medium body, bright acidity and smooth with a good dose of tannins

Finish – short and fruity


This was very fruity and easy drinking although surprisingly tannic compared to the other components of the wine. This is not to say that the tannins were overpowering, just surprising.  The black pepper on the back end of the palate was very nice and provided for a good spicy finish, a nice contrast to the overall fruitiness of the wine. Ranging between $10 and $15 the Minervois wines from Lorgeril look to offer some great values from the region.



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3 thoughts on “Visiting a new region with the Lorgeril L’Enclos des Bories Minervois Rouge

  1. Lair

    That Chilean wine sounds disgusting, with brocoli rissoto? Drink some barbera. These trendy wine regions frustrate me. Big, boring, soft, high alchohol and no structure. Anyone can MAKE wine but they forget about places that GROW wine. Like Minervois. Minervois on the other hand is a great source for elegant, great value, food friendly wines. If you want some big, black fruited, high octane alchohol wines that are inexpensive look no further than the Roussillon, or Lirac which is right next door to Chateauneuf -du-Pape at a third of the cost.

  2. Try the Hecht & Bannier Minervois – it’s delish! Jeff and Terry used to carry it, so hopefully they still do. 🙂

  3. My first Minervois was Domaine de Courbissac – it’s quite tasty and is only about $15. (They also produce a little red blend called Eos which is cement-tank fermented that I really like – $8.) I will definitely check this one out, thanks!

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