Scratch that Cerebral Itch with Some Label Fun

You probably have given someone a bottle of wine as a gift for one occasion or another, and most likely you stuck the wine in a little bag before you gave it away.  A greeting card company called Cerebral Itch has come up with a way to put their cards onto a bottle of wine, and ditch the bag for a unique gifting idea. 


When the owner of Cerebral Itch sent me an email a couple of weeks ago, I had never heard of their small company.  The company is a biproduct of husband and wife team Paul and Kathleen Chamberlain, in which they synthesize their unique, zaney sense of humor onto greeting cards, t-shirts, and now removable wine labels. Paul sent me a few of the labels to check out and they are freaking hilarious and are easily applied and removed. I like the fact that you can remove them so if you are giving somebody a great bottle of wine as a gift, they can take off the funny card label and maintain the integrity of the bottle.


At $3.95 I think it is a pretty good deal considering you get the wrapping paper for the wine, as well as the card, a 2 for 1 deal.


Below are some of the labels –





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4 thoughts on “Scratch that Cerebral Itch with Some Label Fun

  1. Those are really great John! Do you know if the paper is recyclable? I couldn’t find that info on their website…

  2. vcuspoon

    hey Dawn
    I am pretty sure they are. They are a nice card stock material with a light adhesive backing. I’ll look at the labels when i get home and see if it says on the back. But my guess is they are. I’ll email the owner and ask if it doesn’t say so.
    thx for the comment

  3. Katie Pizzuto

    Absolutely love it! What a fantastic idea.

  4. Kelly

    I just got mine and I have to say that they’re great quality and I know I’m going to be the hit of my first Chrsitmas party this weekend. These things are a riot! 🙂

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