Wine Bloggers Conference Day 1 Pictorial

Since I don’t know where to start with the multitude of wine notes, information and stories I came home with from the first annual Wine Bloggers conference I figured I would start with a few pictures.

Here are some from day 1 of the conference –

The day started with a tasting of wineries that source grapes from Kick Ranch Vineyard

Kick Ranch Vineyard

Kick Ranch VineyardTasting at Kick Ranch

After some delcious food and wine at Kick Ranch we headed back to the Flamingo Resort for the first ever speed blogging challenge.

Speed Blogging Table 12

Speed Blogging Table 12

Brave winemaker pouring at the SBC

Brave winemaker pouring at the SBC

El Jefe pouring at the SBC

El Jefe pouring at the SBC

Next up for the day was the blind tasting challenge where I got a good smack to the ego and was knocked out in round 2. 😦
blind tasting score sheet

blind tasting score sheet

After the blind tasting challenge and a nice little “private” event the Dry Creek growers association had (which for some reason I don’t have any pictures of) we heading to the New Zealand Wine Growers tasting. For some reason the only pic I have is my Gary Vaynerchuk groupee shot that Lenn Thompson of Lenndevours snuck into. haha I think I have a few on my iPhone so I’ll upload them soon.
John, Gary Vee and Lenn

John, Gary Vee and Lenn

After the New Zealand tasting we headed to dinner and got pumped by Gary’s keynote. The basic message was you gotta crush it and kill it and make 100K, oh yeah and do what you love!

Megan and Thea

Megan and Thea

Dinner listening to Gary's keynote

Dinner listening to Gary

After dinner we were treated to a New York wine tasting courtesy of Lenn Thompson and Melissa Dobson at PinotBloggers house. A good 40 or so bloggers from the conference showed up, because we had not had enough wine already that day.
Tasting New York on the Deck

Tasting New York on the Deck

Dr XeNo, El Jefe, Taster B

Dr XeNo, El Jefe, Taster B

Russ waxing philosphical
Russ waxing philosphical

Day 1 kicked some A$$ and only setup the rest of a great WBC weekend. Check back in for pictorials of Day 2 and Day 3 as well as my writeups of the event. Congrats to Joel and Allan for putting on a great first WBC.

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4 thoughts on “Wine Bloggers Conference Day 1 Pictorial

  1. Me, philosophical? Yes, you caught me…

    …that’s also a pretty good shot of my left ear, above, which was very full of mirth coming from Megan and Thea all weekend. I like mirth. That’s my philosophy!

    Glad we walked those AV North vineyards together, John. Let’s do it again!


  2. New York tasting? What about all those great Oregon wines!

    It was great to meet you!

  3. vcuspoon

    Hey Craig
    Actually i didn’t even know the Oregon wines were there until later in the night. 😦 TOo bad because I love Oregon stuff. I had to cut myself off since I was driving Taster B, Dr Xeno, Dirty South and they writer for Mutineer Magazine back to the Flamingo.

    I’ll definitely get some next time.

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