Live Blogging from the Wine Bloggers Conference 2008

I am sitting at Table 13

First wine maker up to pour is 2004 Bonterra biodynamic McNab is the Bonterra flagship. Blend of Merlot, Petite Sirah and Cab, approximately 1000 cases, about $45. Nose – blackberry, cedar, leather Taste – spicy, blackberry, cranberry and dried herbs at the finish. Pretty firm tannins, lots of fruit up front with some good cedar and leather notes to balance it out. Still pretty tight for an ’04. A little pricey for the quality.

Next up…

2nd wine, Bink Pinot Noir from Weir Vineyard from the Yorkville Highlands in Medicino. Made from 3 different clones. Made seperately and then blended together before bottling. Nose – rose, floral, a little cedar Taste – cranberry, peppery, a bit of heat, raspberry and dry earth. Very dry after being smooth across the mid palate and a fairly tannic finish.



2005 Clos LaChance Estate Cabernet Sauvignon ($30), 100% estate grown from San Marteen on the Northern Central Coast. Nose – red currant, cedar a hint of eucaplyptus, and raspberry Taste-  lot of dark fruit, plum and fig. Fairly full bodied and nice dusty tannins. Not a bad cab, especially for $30, although it is still a bit high.

The pace is quite hard!!


2006 Boho Chardonnay Box wines ($24) coming from the Central Coast. 55% lower carbon footprint for each box vs the 4 glass bottle counterpart. Nose – fairly oaky on the nose, a bit too much for me, hints of pear and some tropical tree fruit. Taste – not much oak at all until the finish, nice body but the fruit tastes a bit “cooked”.



2007 James David Muscat ($18) Dry Barrel Fermented from Paso Robles, muscat cannelli – first people to taste this wine as it is the first James David release. (twitter ColeDavid) Nose – honey, floral and asian pear  Taste – floral, honey suckle, not too heavy, good bit of minerality on the tongue at the finish. This would be awesome pairing with sushi and Thai food.


2006 Twisted Oak “The Spainard” from Calevares County. Tempranillo mainly with 66% and 20% Graziano and 14% Grenache. Nose – Nice blackberry, earth and cedar and hints of vanilla Taste – Raspberry, cola, meat. Very nice!


2006 Dark Horse Zinfandel from the Dry Creek. Nose – Raisin, fig and date Taste – leather, chocolate and lots of good dark fruit, black cherry and plum. Not overly extracted fruit, very balanced with good acid and tannins


2006 Small Vines Pinot Noir from Sonoma County ($65). Lots of traditional processing, unfined and unfiltered, 15months in oak, 43% new French. Nose – strawberry, cranberry, hint of earth Taste – bright and expressive red fruit. very


2007 Cupcake Vineyards Chardonnay ($11.99) from Central Coast, 30% into MLF and oak aged in 50/50 new vs. neutral all American. Nose – tropical, apple, and asian pear, hint of of apricot. Taste – honey, pear, nice minerality, and just a hint of wood. WOW a really nice wine for the price. Nice and tropical, not too typical of a 100% Chardonnay.


Barrel Samples of the Kanzler Vineyards 2007 Pinot Noir ($48)  from western Sonoma County . Nose – nice and fruity  with black cherry and hint of espresso and “creamy vanilla” on the nose. Taste – leather, blueberry, strawbery bit of spice. Important to remember how young it is and how it would open up and age!

Another break… whew think I’ll go say hi to Lenn of Lenndevours blog

2007 Lionheart McGinley Vinyeard Rousanne ($33) from Santa Barbara County. Nose – Key Lime pie, honey with hints of orange zest Taste – nice minerality and apple with citrus and tropical tree fruit. This is a great wine, a bit pricey, although if you get the club price it is $23. Wow the winemaker just said they are only prodcuing 275 cases of wine.


Sean Minor 2006 Four Bear Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon with about 15% Petite Verdot($17) Made at a coop facility, 65% of the sourcing is under contract the rest of on the spot and bulk.  Nose – great raspberry and blackberry vanilla with toast and cola.Taste – lots of dark fruit and leather and good tannins with medium to full body. Quite amazing at $17 from napa valley.


Yellow and Blue Malbec box wine in tetrapak from Argentina in the eastern side of Mendoza, all tank fermentation and aging. Certified Organic Nose – is a bit tight, but great fruit, not fake at all with blackberry and Taste – very dry fruit with hints of sundried tomato blackberry

WHEW, that was a blast very fun!!!!!!!!!!! The live blogging is over. Next up, the blind tasting challenge is up next.

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5 thoughts on “Live Blogging from the Wine Bloggers Conference 2008

  1. I knew Bonterra produced organic wines–thanks for the info that they are also biodynamic!

    I’m impressed how you kept up with the live wine blogging–AND still organized each so well with the name etc in bold!

    I’m sorry I missed this event–it sounded like it was almost as fun as our unconference morning wine.

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  3. Lynn_in_Sac

    Nice notes John, I get a good sense of the pace of the tasting with your flow of words! Yeah, isn’t that Spaniard awesome??!!! Excited to try the DavidCole Muscat too. Glad you had a good time at the conference.

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  5. I’m impressed how you kept up with the live wine blogging–AND still organized each so well with the name etc in bold!

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