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For Those Tell Tale Purple Lips

Don’t you hate it when you get purple lips and teeth after you have visited a few wineries? I got an email from this company Wine Wipes that has the solution for you. It seems they are marketing primarily to the ladies with their compact style carrying case, but it seems like a cool gizmo for any wine lover.


Apparently the wipes are coated with Orange Blossom that does not affect the perception of wines that are tasted post use (wouldn’t everything taste orangey?). Recommended use for lips, teeth and even tongue to refresh your palate for the next swirl and sip. And the little case even has a mirror in it to check your mug and make sure you are all nice and clean.


Gimmicky I know but it seemed cool, and definitely something my wife would use and at $7 for 20 wipes it isn’t too expensive.



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