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Good Evening. Would you like some Mozart with your Burgundy?

I was sitting around thinking of an interesting blog post topic and was thinking wouldn’t it be cool if there were music and wine pairings. In addition to putting your juicy filet mignon on the grill for your Cabernet Sauvignon, you would put some Bon Jovi on the stereo.  So I did some research on the internet and one winemaker has already come up with this theory, that certain wines taste better with different music genres. I am always, one step behind I guess.


Clark Smith of R.H. Philips and Vinovation believes that just as music has moods so does wine and has come up with some basic guidelines for music and wine pairing.  Here are a couple:


Example: 2003 St. Francis Sonoma County Cabernet
Tastes best with: dark, angry music
Such as: The Doors’ “People Are Strange”
Clashes with: Mozart


Example: Good burgundy from the Cotes de Nuits
Tastes best with: romantic or sexy music
Such as: Mozart’s “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”
Clashes with: polka


Here are some more typical emotions and music sources, what wine would you pair with the following?

Grunge music – hostility, sadness, tension and fatigue

Country – depression (go figure)

Easy Listening – good feeling and uplifting


I would say for Grunge I would choose Zinfandel, Country I would choose White Zin and for Easy Listening I would choose Viognier.


Do you think music and wine go together, or that music the same as food, can enhance or detract from the sensory experience of a certain wine.



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