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PS You’re So Seductive…with your dark fruit flavors

My internet search to get some background on this North Coast Petite Sirah was quite unsuccessful, to the point I couldn’t find one drip of information. The only tidbit I did learn was that “armen” is the Swedish word for arm. So I’ll jump right into my tasting notes for the 2005 Armen Petite Sirah that we picked up from a wine tasting at The Wine Cellar here in Midlothian. A note on the 2005 North Coast vintage – it was preceded by a late warm winter, a cool wet spring and a generally even mild summer.

Nose – Raisin, fig, blackberry jam, campfire

Taste – Blueberry jam, black cherry

Mouthfeel – Medium to full body, a bit of heat at first but that calmed down after being open for a bit, firm dusty tannins

Finish – Long and fruity

All in all a typical fruit forward Petite Sirah and for $16 – $18 not a bad deal. New world all the way, the jammy fruit forward style that was Zinfandel in nature was a pleasurable drink but fairly one (1 ½) dimensional, although the length of the finish was quite surprising.  I will say the one to one and a half dimensions of fruit were all very real, nothing fake tasting or over extracted, very well done for this style of wine.

Not sure, but I think Roanoke Valley is the only distributor bringing this in, at least to Virginia, so I am not sure of the distribution.

If you want a good dark fruit, jammy wine, that isn’t too over the top, give this one a whirl. Not sure if I can use “whirl”, has Gary Vee trademarked that yet!!


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