Getting Technical Taking Wine Notes

Recently the wife and I were bit by the iPhone bug and went out and purchased two of them.  Always looking for easier ways to take notes on the wines I taste while I am out and about and I don’t feel like carrying around my current wine notebook,  I did some research and found a few websites reviewing some of the wine “apps” for the phone including Tim over at Winecast.  I decided to try one and bucked up the $4.99 for the Wine Snob app for my new iPhone. 




Although I don’t like the name of the app very much, so far I have loved its functionality.  Although it is knocked down by some reviewers for its lack of information contained in the program, it does give a great interface for taking notes and even pictures of your wine.  Personally I would highly recommend it if you have the iPhone and need a good way to catalog your wine notes while you are on the go.  Plus some of the varietal and food pairing information contained within the program is quite helpful when you having a wine info brain fart.


Give it a whirl if you are a wine geek with an iPhone and need a new way to take notes.



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2 thoughts on “Getting Technical Taking Wine Notes

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  2. Hey, just thought I would tell you that if you want to blog about an iphone app, you can take a picture of your screen by pressing the home key ( round button) and the top (on/off) button at the same time. Then just email that pic to yourself to use on your blog!
    Thanks for the review, I am reviewing today also and thought I would google it first for some feedback!


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