P.V. and Pizza

For some reason the past few Fridays have been pizza nights for us at the Witherspoon household. I guess we have either had things going on Saturday or Sunday night and just wanted to stay in with an easy meal or at least last Friday I was just really in the mood for a good pizza pie.  Long gone are my college days of getting two medium pepperoni pizzas from Domino’s (buy one get one free of course) and settling down with my friends and a six pack of Miller High Life.  These days, no meat of course and I load the thing up with veggies, and I have come to really enjoy wine with my pizza although a cold beer is never far from my thoughts.  Usually we choose Zinfandel as our go to pizza wine but this week we pulled a Petit Verdot out of the stable and one from Virginia to boot.  We chose the 2006 PollakVineyards Petit Verdot.  We picked this up back in May when we went to Pollak’s winery, you can read about our visit HERE.


The 2006 Petit Verdot production was only 70 cases, produced from all estate grown grapes, harvested from their Mountain Vineyard which sits at an elevation of 870 feet and is mostly comprised of a rocky clay-loam soil.  Blended with 5% Cabernet Franc the ’06 spent 13 months in a mix of 50/50 new and old French oak barrels.


My Tasting Notes


Color – Dark Purple

Nose – Blackberry, roast beef, cherry and lavender

Taste – Raspberry reduction, mint, raw green pepper, leather

Mouthfeel – Medium body, round and robust across the mid-palate, dusty dry tannins

Finish – medium long in length and dry



I continue to be impressed by Pollak’s wines.  The extra few months of this wine being in my cellar did nothing but good things, although I think another 6 months to a year and this wine will really start to peak.  It really started to open up after about 45 minutes of being open so if you grab a bottle and can’t wait to drink it, I would suggest dumping it into the decanter.  The dark fruit flavor and slight vegetal notes went great with our veggie pizza but this could definitely stand up to some meat if that suits your fancy.  At $20 I think it is definitely worth picking up and enjoying a bottle of your own.



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