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Beer vs. Wine

A news article the other day presented some data from the Gallup organization that stated wine is falling out of favor with adults aged 30-49, who apparently are enjoying more beer when it comes to choosing their favorite fermented beverage.  Although, it also says adults over the age of 50 are still choosing wine on a more regular basis.  I assume this is just like other Gallup polls so no volume/price purchase data has been included in the results they provided, as the last information I read was that wine is still holding the title for favorite alcohol of choice in the US.


I guess if you asked me if I bought more wine than beer on a per bottle basis I might say beer because there are 6 bottles of my favorite microbrew in a pack versus the 1-4 bottles I purchase at a time from my local wine shops. Or if you asked me how many bottles of wine I drank a week, I might say 4, but bottles of beer might be 7. This sort of questioning would lead someone to believe that I purchase and drink more beer than wine unless you factor in price and volume.  So it would be interesting to know what the data collection tool they used for the survey.


I am sure as we approach the end of the year and into the New Year we will see the annual reports of how wine is doing, which according to my friends in the wine business is doing just fine.  I love ’em both!!



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