Going Through Old Tasting Notes

I was going through some old tasting notes and found this one (2005 Domaine Jean Luc Dubois, Chorey-Les Beaune, “clos margot”) and couldn’t believe I hadn’t posted about it. I was unable to find the picture for it on my camera or in my files and since I drank this in April, I do not have original image of the bottle. In addition, I was unfortunately not able to locate much information on Domaine Jean Luc Dubois via the World Wide Web except for this snippet from their importer, Michael Skurnik Wines.


From his website

Jean-Luc Dubois inherited his vineyards in Beaune and the domaine from his father, Paul Dubois, in 1988. Though Jean-Luc’s father never bottled more than 1 barrel per appellation, Jean Luc has  estate bottled his wine for the last 15 years recognizing that domaine bottling was the wave of the future for  Burgundian farmers.  In total the domaine has 7.5 ha of land.


The designation Chorey-Les Beaune is given to identify the village that this wine came from and I pretty sure that Clos Margot is the vineyard. Chorey-Les Beaune is quite small, around 400 acres and is the closest village to Beaune. Having a generally flat topography it is not the ideal location in Burgundy to grow grapes as are the famous Cotes that abound in the region. This makes it all the more interesting that they are able to produce good quality wines from this area and is probably part of the reason that they are relatively inexpensive.


My Tasting Notes –

Nose – Cherry, raspberry, oregano, espresso, tomato paste, barny (not the purple childrens character)

Taste – cinnamon, green peper, cherry, stone/mineral

Mouthfeel – Medium body, soft tannins, fairly bright acidity

Finish – long and clean


My final note on this wine in my tasting book was “yummy”, and that really sums up this Red Burgundy quite well. At $22 it, in my opinion is a great value considering the region and how truly good Burgundies are hard to find under $30.  It was very well balanced, lots of layers and very drinkable for a 2005 although you could definitely hold on to it for a while longer.  I am pretty sure it is fairly well distributed since so you should be able to find it wherever you are.


Enjoy. Cheers!!


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One thought on “Going Through Old Tasting Notes

  1. You’re right, it is yummy!
    The amazing thing about JL Dubois Chorey is that he treats it like 1er Cru (since What makes Jean Luc Dubois’ Chorey Les Beaune stand out relative to others is that he doesnt have any 1er from any neighbouring villages, contrary to many of his competitors, so he treats his Chorey like 1er/Grand Cru. Uses 1/3 new wood depending on vintages. Soft vinification and soft bottling.
    Definately great value Pinot.

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