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Riesling Revelation

I have had quite a few Rieslings since I have gotten into wine, I would say in the realm of 25 different ones, give or take. Tasting that many would give you a pretty good understanding of what Riesling taste like, that is until you taste a 1979 Auslese from the Mosel. Enter the Riesling Revelation, a recent tasting at Bella Vino Stony Point here in Richmond, that put the spotlight on the big “R” to show 40 lucky people what Riesling is all about. Now all of these Rieslings displayed some or all of the typical Riesling characteristics, but some of these wines went above and beyond what I have come to expect.


My Tasting Notes:


2004 The Furst Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg – ($20.99) – Nice honeydew, pear and apple with honey, slate and a dry mineral finish. Slightly tight, but good body and acidity


2005 Von Buhl Riesling Spatlese Trocken – (19.99) – lite petroleum on the nose with grass and Asian pear, hint of spice with slight rubber and slate aftertaste


2005 Schafer-Frohlich Riesling Halbrocken – (19.99) – match, burnt rubber and chalk on the nose interlaced with pear and honey included tastes of baked apple with a hint of sweetness at the finish


2006 Schloss LIeser Riesling Estate – (17.99) – campfire and apricot and flint on the nose with hay and peach flavors with fuller body, and a slight effervescence on the tongue that mingles well with the slightly higher viscosity


2000 Zilliken Riesling Kabinett Saarburger Rausch – (27.99) – petroleum and pineapple on the nose, nice round body with honey and smoked gouda taste and a slightly sweet finish


2004 J.J. Prum Riesling Spatlese Wehlener Sonnenuhr – (44.99) – rubber, fuji apple, nice viscosity, medium to full body and fresh cut pineapple flavors, clean mineral finish


1989 Zilliken Riesling Spatlese Saarburger Rausch – (46.99) – smokey campfire on the nose again with slight peach, very nice baby swiss cheese flavors intermingled with honey and pear. Tight and clean finish. Very well integrated!


1979 Kartheuserhof Riesling Auslese – (62.99) – beautiful golden color, with tangerine on the nose, blue cheese and apricot flavors, surprising acidity for a 29 year old wine, slate finish with hint of sweetness


This was a great tasting that really gave me a greater understanding of the true spectrum of flavors and mouthfeel that Riesling has to offer. In addition it was a first time tasting any wine 29 years old, which alone was a great experience.


In addition to the great wines we had some great commentary from store manager Brad and local distributor Robin Spicer who provided all but one of the wines. As we were poured each wine we got a 5 or so minute background on where each wine came from, how it was produced and the history of the land in which the grapes were grown. For the geek in me the information was almost as good as the wine, almost!!


Brad has all these wines in stock regularly, except for the 79 Kartheuserhof (I think), so stop by the store and pick a few great Rieslings for your collection.



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