Great Summertime Wine, or Anytime for That Matter

If you are looking for a great food worthy white or a white wine for sipping on the back porch during the hot and humid Richmond afternoons, look no further than 2006 Burgans Albarino. Grown in the Rias Baixas D.O. of the Galicia region in Northern Spain, the Albarino grape thrives in the regions mild, maritime climate.  The Albarino grape is characterized by smaller than usual clusters (less than 125g), high sugar content and high degree of acidity that lead to a wine provides loads of freshness and personality.  The Burgans Albarino is made by Bodega Martin Codax in Cambados the capital of the Salnes Valley within the Rias Baixas.


We had our Burgans with some sautéed tofu, butternut squash risotto and sautéed green beans on a recent hot summer evening.  The meal was fairly light and the crisp acidity went well with the creamy texture of the risotto, as did the flavor profile of the wine.


My Tasting Notes –

Nose – Honey, pear, apple, brie and grass

Taste – Hay, citrus, pineapple and apple

Mouthfeel – medium weight in the mouth with moderate to high acidity

Finish – medium length, clean and refreshing with a lot of vanilla bean flavor


At about $12 – $14 this is a great option for people looking to try new wines this summer. Not at all one dimensional, good Albarinos deliver lots of layered goodness, and the great combination of a round, smooth mouthfeel and crisp clean finish.  Give it a try for your next evening on the patio!












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4 thoughts on “Great Summertime Wine, or Anytime for That Matter

  1. Mmm, mental note to self: get more Albarino!

  2. I’ve had that one several times. It’s delish!

  3. This sounds so good. Must try. Thanks for the review.

  4. crystalbutterfly

    I dont know much about wines, but I’d really like to know what you think of Klein Genot’s range.

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