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Is this really the image of Virginia wine drinkers?

This month the first issue of Virginia Wine Lover magazine hit newsstands here in Virginia. (I am not sure if distribution went to other states)  I am very excited to have a wine mag completely dedicated to Virginia wine as I think it will be a great thing for the industry. I have enjoyed reading the content that they have included in their newsletters for the past year or so, so I look forward to continued reading of their take on the Virginia wine industry.


This is the cover of the first issue of Virginia Wine Lover magazine. Is this really the image of Virginia wine drinkers? I was really shocked when I saw this the other day, wondering why they chose to use an image, that to me, portrays wine drinkers as wealthy, prim and proper consumers. Now this is just my take on what the image evoked in my head, so I would be interested to see what other people think.  I visit a lot of Virginia wineries and although there are a fair bit of what I would call rich people in the tasting room, most people are in jeans and polo shirts, not white dresses and dress shirts. First of all, who wears white to a winery anyway? (yes I know they are drinking white wine in the picture) The good thing about the picture is the people are having fun and enjoying themselves and that is what wine drinking is really all about.


As you can tell the image was shocking to me, especially for an industry, not just the Virginia wine industry, which is trying to break the stereotype that wine is for the elite, others need not apply.  But maybe I analyze things too much and other people will think I am crazy, that this image doesn’t mean to them, what it does to me.


Please don’t take this as a stab to the magazine, as I said I really enjoy their content.  As always, I appreciate and welcome everyone’s comments and opinions on this and anything else I write about.



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