Special Saturday Tasting at The Wine Cellar

Today at the Wine Cellar Jeff is having a special wine tasting and food show from 1:00 – 4:00.  He will sample some high end reds from California and one white.  In addition to the wine he will serving prime rib, duck breast, pork rib chops and lamb rack along with sushi tuna, scallops and swordfish.  And since I don’t eat any of the above, that means more for the rest of you.

I attend almost all of the tastings at the Wine Cellar and post about what they will have there, but very rarely do I post after the fact.  Taster B from the blog Smells Like Grape made me realize this the other day when she commented on the post I did announcing the Merlot tasting at the Wine Cellar. She said she looked forward to hearing about the tasting, but unfortunately I didn’t have any plans to write about my experience while I was there.  So I thought from now on I will try to write about the wines that I sample at the usual Friday night tastings as well as special ones like the one today.


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2 thoughts on “Special Saturday Tasting at The Wine Cellar

  1. Ha ha! Didn’t mean to put you on the spot John! Actually, getting good tasting notes at an event like that is a trick. It must be a highly developed skill: I know there are people who do it but, I’m still at the stage of requiring total silence while I figure out a wine. 🙂

  2. vcuspoon

    no worries Taster B. my notes for events like that one are much less detailed than the ones here at home or at a winery. usually just a few general notes on the mouthfeel and a couple of flavor aroma blurbs.
    you didn’t put me on the spot, just realized other readers may be looking for the same thing!


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