Richmond Vegetarian Update

Last Thursday I went to TJ’s at the Jefferson for my mother-in-law’s birthday for the first time. I was very excited to go as I have ogled at their unique vegetarian and vegan entrees they’ve had on their menu for quite some time. Unfortunately when we sat down, we were disappointed to see that TJ’s has changed their menu to include a total of ZERO vegetarian entrée choices. Although they did have some great veggie appetizers, I don’t recall anything vegan. The waitress felt very bad as just an hour before we had looked on the website to refresh our memories of what options we had waiting for us, an now we had almost nothing. The chef was able to create a nice trio of vegetables with brown rice for us that was quite tasty, which in addition to the nice goat cheese stuffed plum tomatoes and roasted red pepper terrine was all in all fairly filling. In addition, their wine list is decent with good selections and reasonable prices, and for desert, the pear tart was simply fantastic.

So unfortunately fellow Richmond vegetarians, TJ’s is no longer a place to go for a slightly upscale vegetarian meal.

The former chef Jannequin Bennett is now the executive chef for Ellwood Thompson’s, so her cuisine is not gone, it has just changed locations. Also, as of Monday the TJ’s menu now reflects the correct (new) menu.


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