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Disappointing Trend

After this weekend of wine tasting in Northern Virginia with our friends Paul and Warren, I have become aware of an increasing trend, wineries not allowing outside food available on the premises. Except for a few exceptions, I have never noticed wineries posting signs stating such regulations, but 3 of the four wineries this weekend had newly placed such signs.

I am pretty sure this new occurrence is not related to new state legislation so I am even further perplexed. Of the 3 wineries 2 offered a little bit of food (soup, cheese plates and baguettes) although none offered substantial food for lunch. I don’t think (or hope) this is an issue of the wineries trying to squeeze more money out of us. If it is the later, I would make a suggestion to wineries thinking of offering light food options and not allowing outside food on the premises (including patios and porches). If Megan and I head to a winery with a picnic basket full of food, after we participate in the tasting, we are going to pick up a bottle of wine, most likely costing from $12 to $25, to enjoy with our food. If we can’t for some reason eat at that winery, we move on to the next one and the winery loses out on the extra bottle we would have purchased above what we were taking home and the winery ultimately loses money. Who is that good for?

If anyone has any insight on this issue please comment or email me. And to Virginia wineries that are starting to implement or thinking of having such rules, please reconsider.


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