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Fun With A Google Search

Today, I thought it would be fun to put the word winery into a Google search and see what the #1 link is after the search.  Now of course I have put the word winery into Google before, but never all by its lonesome.  So I typed in winery, hit enter, and the top return from the search was for All American Wineries Dot Com. 

I don’t know why I thought that I would’ve been to the website that came back as #1 before, but for some reason I was shocked when I had not even heard of All American Wineries (AAW).  This astonishment was further elevated after I found out what AAW is, a website dedicated to helping wine enthusiasts with their touring of wine country.  The tagline for the website is “A Winery and Vineyard Guide by State for Wine Lovers in the US.”  Aimed at wine lovers trying to find “hidden gems” within wine countries across the the United States, AAW was a “retirement” project for Bob H.  After a long life of loving, living and enjoying wine, Bob wanted to do some traveling through wine regions that he had not yet had a chance to explore during his 30 years of government service.  He quickly became frustrated with the lack information that lay on the World Wide Web, and thought to himself that he could do a much better job.  He set out to compile information both on wineries around the US as well as those things that compliment wine tourism such as restaurants and lodging choices.  Bob has done a great job and the already expansive list is growing all the time. His no frills, information only website has garnered accolades from the Seattle Times and USA Today to name a few as well as being inducted into the Top 100 Wine Sites Hall of Fame.

I must be in the minority because according to their website, as of December 1st 2007 the site has had almost 13 million hits and has as steady Google page rank of 4. So don’t be left in the dark like me, give All American Wineries Dot Com a visit now, or the next time you plan to head to wine country.

Another interesting tid-bit from my Google search of the word winery, is that of the top 10 links returned, TWO were for Virginia wineries.  Number 6 was Chateau Morrisette and number 10 was Williamsburg Winery, GO VIRGINIA!

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