Funny Picture

Well at least I think it is funny. I was browsing through the Wine Enthusiast gift catalog that came with some Christmas purchases I made, when I noticed this picture.

Why is this funny you may ask…. Well Arneis, the grape that is on the label is a white variety, and the wine in the bottle is clearly red. Arneis is the fruity, crisp, dry white wine from Piemonte that Megan and I discovered and fell in love with this summer while we were in Italy. Before it gained the popularity of being a great wine all on its own, it was used in the blending process with Barolo in order to soften it up a bit. If you have not yet tried the varietal, it is usually a great value and a great alternative to unoaked Chardonnays, although Arneis can sometimes see some time in oak.

Now back to the picture! Do you think they did it on purpose thinking most people won’t notice, but if a wine geek does it will be funny? Or do you think somebody made a mistake? Either way, Megan and I got a kick out of it.


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One thought on “Funny Picture

  1. vinicultured

    You know, not being too familiar with Italian wines (beyond the obvious exception of chianti) I didn’t see what was funny about the picture the first time around. However, I DID look twice after reading your post and did realize the error.

    I tried arneis once–it was from Filippo Gallino. I picked it up from A.G. Ferrari’s, a chain of boutique Italian stores that has a pretty decent selection of wine. I can’t say that the wine made much of a lasting impression on me, however–it wasn’t too distinguishable from any other white one might drink.

    Do you have any arneis suggestions?

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