Wine Bottle Sizes – Who knew there were so many?


I just thought I would shoot a little fun wine fact out at everyone today. Below I have listed all of the actual allowable bottle sizes for wine. Can you believe there are so many? I think I knew up to Methuselah, but that was as high as I thought the list went, and as you can see I was wrong. The list technically refers to the allowable bottle sizes for wine in France and more specifically Champagne and Burgundy but is accepted worldwide. The names themselves, once you get past Magnum, are from the names of Biblical Kings. Magnums and Double Magnum’s make great gifts for wine enthusiasts are always impressive when you show up to a party with one.

Split = Quarter Bottle

Half = Half Bottle

Bottle = well umm, a Bottle

Magnum = Two Bottles

Jeroboam or Double Magnum = Four Bottles

Methuselah = Eight Bottles

Salmanazar = Twelve Bottles

Balthtazar = Sixteen Bottles

Nabuchadnezzar = Twenty Bottles

Soverign = Thirty-Four Bottles, I mean come on


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4 thoughts on “Wine Bottle Sizes – Who knew there were so many?

  1. Don’t forget about the 490 liter Grande Cuvee TBA NV No.7 2005 from Austrian wine maker Kracher.

    Guinness World Records recently certified is as the world’s largest bottle of wine, holding 69,000 glasses of wine — that would be 640 regular bottles.

    (I know…it’s just a publicity stunt and not a real bottle)

    World’s largest bottle of wine

  2. vcuspoon

    Thanks Tripp – I did not know about that one. I would imagine that it would have to be delivered in a dump truck.

  3. Graham

    Hi there, was looking around at this the other day and just thought I’d let you know a soverign is actually 67 bottles of wine. Though your comment still stands…come on! Feel like cracking open a soverign for an easy night in?

  4. Very criticl information, we must get the word out, I had no idea about all the different sizes, especially the mega bottle. Fun Site, thanks!

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