My November Wine Shipment – And Yes I’m a Dork

There is just something fun about receiving packages in the mail. Today I received our November wine shipments from Seghesio and Imagery Estates. When our wine shipments arrive I am like a kid (or just me at 30) at Christmas, ripping off the tape holding my wine safe in that flimsy cardboard box. A box so flimsy that I am in total disbelief as to how it ever makes its way from California in one piece. (That is the magic of the egg carton or Styrofoam wine bottle shipper.)

I eagerly take a look at the information sheet shipped with the wine first to find out what goodies I have received. Then I remove the outer shell of the egg carton shipper to unveil the glory of my new cellar treasures. Corny I know, but after a day of work – it is pretty exciting.


Take a look.


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3 thoughts on “My November Wine Shipment – And Yes I’m a Dork

  1. I tried signing up for something like that once, but they wanted me to be home to sign for it, and I didn’t want the wine delivered to work.

    (And yes, I was always excited to see the wine!)

    Do they still require signature?

  2. vcuspoon

    Hey man
    Yeah, they do make you sign – i missed the first attempt to deliver and came home a bit early from work today to catch the second attempt. it is a pain in the ass for sure. I am most likely going to change the shipping to my folks place, who also live in town.
    THanks for the post.


  3. If you’re a dork then we are in great company as receiving a wine delivery is like receiving a gift from someone unexpectedly.

    I have my ritual too after reading all the enclosed material I enter all the information from the bottle into my software and then place them either in an organized rack or the wine cooler.

    It’s just good old fun.

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