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Wine Shipping and the Holiday Season

With the “official” start to the holiday season upon us, I thought I would throw in a quick mention of state wine direct shipping laws.

So say you and your husband or wife went to some wineries out in California this year and had a great, special time and picked up a few bottles along the way to prolong the memories once you were home. Well those bottles are gone now (most likely) and you want to get your significant other some wine from one of those wineries for the holidays, to help bring back those memories. So you take off to the local wine shop, only to find out that your wine shop doesn’t carry any of that wine from the winery. No worries you think, I will just call the winery or go on their website and order a bottle or two directly from the source. This is where anyone in Virginia would be okay, because California can ship to Virginia, but there are still a lot of states California wineries cannot ship to. So how do you know if your great holiday idea will be thwarted? There is a great website out there to help you figure it out.

The site is from the Wine Institue – The Voice for California Wine. The site is directed mainly to winery owners but the link I am going to paste below will let you select your state and see if California wineries can ship to you. And although this list is directed to wines coming from California, it is a good indication of how your state handles wine being shipped from most states.

Click here to see your state!

Here is a map from Free The Grapes, another great site to learn about all the issues going on in the direct wine shipping world. You can click on their logo to the left to visit their site which is chock full of information.


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Wine Tasting – 1998 Ridge Lytton Springs

This is one of the wines we had last night for Thanksgiving dinner. Melissa and Eric (my in laws) picked this up while they were out in Santa Cruz a few weeks ago visiting my sister in law. So we were quite excited to be trying this Zin, one because it is a Ridge wine and two, because it was a ’98 Zin. So even though I am jumping ahead about 20 wines in my tasting notebook, I figured I would go ahead and post it since it was for the holiday.

Here is the breakdown of the varietals that went into the wine: 77% Zin, 16% Petite Sirah, 2% Carignane, 4% Mataro, and 1% Alicante Boushcet.

Sorry I didn’t nab any pictures of the bottle but here are my tasting notes.

My tasting notes –

Nose – Blackberry, chocolate, copper and cut grass

Taste – Sherry, Raspberry, Herbs

Mouthfeel – Medium almost light body, silky smooth across the mid palate

Finish – very long and had quite a grip

This was like no other Zin that I or Megan have had. Not fruit forward and jammy, and in fact, of the fruit that was present, the aroma and flavors weren’t very powerful. It was also very light bodied for what I feel a Zin should be like. All that being said, I really enjoyed it and thought it was quite a good and well made wine.

I think they paid $50 for it at the winery and I am not sure if you can find it in stores anymore.

I hope everybody had a safe and fun holiday.

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