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Nutritional Labeling on Wine Bottles

How many people do or don’t want to see how many calories are in a glass of wine? Did you know that if a wine is less than 14% alcohol wines don’t need to list the specific percentage level, and that they need only label it with “Table Wine”? Do you think wineries should be forced to put the above on their bottles, or you really don’t care?

Thanks to an article in Wines and Vines News entitled “Time to Comment on New Label Rules” I was reminded that this is a current issue in wine legislation. And good news the deadline to comment on the issue has been extended 90 days. YAY!

From the article:

“The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is extending the deadline to
January 27th 2008, for public comments on notice No. 73 about these additional labeling and related advertising rules.”

There is a link on the bottom of the article at Wines and Vines to comment electronically so please do so if you have issues or suggestions around this legislation.

Honestly with wine and beer for that matter I don’t think or care about the calories that I am consuming. That is a big departure for me since when I buy food at the grocery store I am very conscious of labels, one because I am nutrition freak and two because I am a vegetarian. You would be surprised at how many things processed chicken parts can slip its way into. 🙂

I guess with wine, I feel as if it is an indulgent experience so I don’t want to be reminded that I am consuming X amount of calories. That goes for cheese and peanut butter cookies too. Haha

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