Friday Nights Wine

2003 Flying Fish Merlot (100%)

Region: Washington State

Color: Ruby Red

Aroma: Cherry, Jammy fruit, cocoa

Taste: Cherry, Chocolate, and Vanilla

Mouthfeel: very smooth, medium bodied

We enjoyed this bottle of wine with our friends Jeff and Elizabeth (my sister) at a great little bistro here in town called Cafe Catura. Although storms loomed on the horizon we were able to enjoy our bottle outside on their nice patio. Great wine for the value. (A-) $11.95(retail)

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  1. Dezel

    Okay John,

    I’m enjoying your picks and style here. Some very good Merlot coming out of California (not everywhere in CA however…lol) and Washington State where they are privy to a longer growing season.

    I will try to find this selection at Total Wine. I have never been able to pick up chocolate in a wine, yet I’m fairly new. Perhaps this will be the bottle.

    Have a great weekend!

    Happy Sipping!

  2. John Witherspoon

    Hi Dezel:

    Yeah, Chocolate is one of the flavors/tastes that I can usually pick up. Sometimes it is that smell of pure powdered cocoa or it is actually the taste of a milk chocolate bar. (either way it’s good) Keep looking for it…that’s the fun part! Haha Also remember, everybody tastes different things, my wife and I usually match on about half of our tasting notes!! J


  3. Dezel

    Hi John,

    Where did you find the Flying Fish 2003? I tried 2 places including Total Wine and they did not carry it, but had heard of it.

    One of the sales manager I talk with pointed me to another, which in his opinon for $9 has been one of their best sellers as well tasting Merlots. The bottle,Les Barriques Luc Pirlet Merlot 2004; have you tried this ?

    I will still try to find the Flying Fish 2003 and let you knwow how my $9 gem turns out. Have a nice day.

    Happy Sipping!

  4. John Witherspoon

    Hi Dezel,
    The wine was actually for sale at the Cafe and I haven’t looked for at our TOtal WIne or the Wine Cellar(our local shop that I usually purchase from). I will have to try the Les Barriques as I have not yet, it is on now my list of “to buys!” haha
    Talk to you soon.

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